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We’re turning our anger into positive action. You have started the campaign to get money out of politics and it is up to you to sustain it. Spread the word and increase the momentum.

Want a better choice than Coke or Pepsi, Corporate Republican or Corporate Dem? It is time to #GetMoneyOut

 Our government should not be bought & sold by corporations. Add your name to #GetMoneyOut of politics.

 How can our government be “for the people” when corporations run the show? Time to #GetMoneyOut of politics. Join me

 The 1% is not an accident. It is the result of policies our government chose to pursue. #GetMoneyOut

 Ready to be part of real change? Join the wave of supporters to help #GetMoneyOut

 Tired of the status quo in Washington? Join us to help #GetMoneyOut

 Ignored by DC? Corporations telling your Rep you do not matter? Time to #GetMoneyOut

 Elected officials should represent their constituents NOT the highest bidder. Sign the petition to #GetMoneyOut

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