Big Win in LA: Is your town next?

You may remember from my very first letter I sent to you back in October that we need to build a wave.

You’re doing it, and United Republic’s Get Money Out campaign is now over 300,000 strong. This is huge folks.

There’s another wave building too. Across the country, towns and counties are passing “resolutions” to get money out of politics and declare that corporations are not people. You can too.

Last week, Los Angeles did it, with help from some great organizing by our friends at Move to Amend. This is also huge. I mean, it’s LA right?! That place is massive and it’s made up of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. It’s got everybody and they totally knocked it out of the ballpark on this one.

We have a window for us, the PEOPLE, to take what Los Angeles and others are doing to OUR towns and OUR cities and demand they do the same thing.

To that end, please click here to sign up to pass a similar resolution where you live. Later this week ‘ll send you what you need to go to your next town or city council meeting and make it happen.

I’m doing it too. I’m taking it to my county Board of Supervisors to argue forcefully why they should pass it.

And yes, your information is private and confidential and it will stay that way.

So fill out the fields in the link, and we will get you what you need to make this movement deep and wide, and then I’m going to shout it to the rooftops on tv.

My friend Dylan Ratigan likes to call this a big “pot of boiling water.” So turn the gas up and fire it up so this movement can’t be ignored.

Thanks again. Sign up now, and I’ll be in touch with you in the next few days with how and what to do next. And don’t forget to forward this to your friends—it’s a big fight, and we need their help too.

Thanks again,

P.S. Last night our friend and ally Professor Lawrence Lessig was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and it was really good. You can watch it here.