High Surf Alert

We’re turning our anger into positive action. You have started the campaign to get money out of politics and it is up to you to sustain it. The easiest way to grow is to use digital waves to let our friends know what we are doing. This is a high surf alert. The idea is to make digital waves to our community and our mass when we get it.

As the petition grows, the wave grows. Reach out to your networks – use email, twitter, and facebook to grow the movement. Sample text is listed below.

Sample Twitter Messages:

 Want a better choice than Coke or Pepsi, Corporate Republican or Corporate Dem? It is time to #GetMoneyOut http://bit.ly/moneyout Our government should not be bought & sold by corporations. Add your name to #GetMoneyOut of politics. http://bit.ly/moneyout How can our government be “for the people” when corporations run the show? Time to #GetMoneyOut of politics. Join me http://bit.ly/moneyout The 1% is not an accident. It is the result of policies our government chose to pursue. #GetMoneyOut http://bit.ly/moneyout Ready to be part of real change? Join the wave of supporters to help #GetMoneyOut http://bit.ly/moneyout Tired of the status quo in Washington? Join us to help #GetMoneyOut http://bit.ly/moneyout Ignored by DC? Corporations telling your Rep you do not matter? Time to #GetMoneyOut http://bit.ly/moneyout Elected officials should represent their constituents NOT the highest bidder. Sign the petition to #GetMoneyOut http://bit.ly/moneyout

Post this Message on Facebook:

Imagine what our country could be like if our politicians weren’t bought by the highest bidder?  Our economy, our environment, our children’s schools – we need to get money out of our democracy. Add your name here: http://www.getmoneyout.com

Share this Email Message:

It is past time to get money out of politics. For far too long special interest and back door politics have put corporations ahead of people. How can our democracy work for the people when corporations decide who runs and who wins?  

I just joined a campaign to get money out of our political system. Please join me by adding your name now: http://www.getmoneyout.com

We’ve talked about how harmful money is to our democracy – this is a meaningful way to do something about it. Thanks in advance!