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    United Re:public News Feed

    People Power and the New Media

    The power of the people is not to be underestimated. Through my volunteer work with Common Cause, I have gotten involved with the New Haven Votes Coalition here in Connecticut. While the primary purpose of NHVC is to increase voter registra…

    How to Win Friends and Influence Politics

    Wal-Mart has tried to repair its image in Washington through lobbying, contributions, and good public relations. Wal-Mart is under fire for its role in a growing controversy, where the multinational corporation is accused of paying $24 mill…

    Wisconsin Recall Election a Preview of 2012 Big Money to Come

    Wis. Gov. Scott Walker has raised a record amount of money for his recall election fight. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) is facing a recall election after he pushed through legislation last year that lim…